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Good marketing and advertising campaigns are well designed and implemented, driving potential customers to your door.

We design and manage your online and print advertising and email marketing, efficiently targeting your chosen audience for maximum exposure at minimum cost.

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campaign management

Advertising is a key part of reaching potential customers but it can be replete with pitfalls that can prove costly!

With many years of experience in the advertising industry, CODE72 are experts in creating and executing advertising campaigns across a wide variety of media.

From newspapers and magazines to websites, Google AdWords, search marketing and social media channels, we can target specific demographics so your advertising is reaching the right people.

In doing so, our campaigns are efficient and cost-effective so you're advertising budget is not being wasted.

email marketing

Email marketing is still the most effective and efficient way to reach customers and generate business.

With its ability to target customers directly, personalise your message to the individual and reach three times as many people as Facebook and Twitter combined, email marketing enjoys the highest return on investment over any other marketing and advertising channel.

Creating engaging and well crafted email marketing campaigns is a great option from our marketing and advertising services and has one aim - to gain you more customers and help you to enjoy the highest ROI possible!

campaign analysis

Regardless of the marketing and advertising channels your campaigns use, it is vital to understand what has worked and what has not.

In creating and executing campaigns, CODE72 implements extensive tracking and analytical capabilities that provide deep insight into how those campaigns performed. This allows us to work with you adapt and evolve your campaigns so every last penny of your marketing budget is being spent wisely, reaching the right people and maximising your ROI.